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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Called an Award

I was delighted to log onto Whitney’s Baby Tunnel Exodus blog yesterday and read that the rather unknown, yet very prestigious “I Heart Blogging” award had been bestowed upon us. Whitney is the 3BayBChicks’ first bonafied follower and, for that, we are forever grateful. Whitney picks me up when I am feeling down on the blogging world and gives me hope that someday more than she, Keri, and my beloved neighbor will read what we post.

Until that day arrives, we are committed to follow-up on any award (aka tag) that is sent our way. In this case, we are tasked with naming 15 things that we are not afraid to admit. Thankfully, since I am one of three girls that contribute to this blog, I can also offer up what I think Thuy and Kacey are not afraid to admit. Good times! Let’s get started, shall we?

Numero Uno: Thuy, Kacey, and I all met our husbands in high school. Although we married in our late twenties, our fates were sealed at a very early age.

2. For as long as I can remember, Kacey has been the coolest chick I know. Even in junior high, I aspired to align myself with her sense of style and creativity. If she thought something was worth doing, we did it. Case in point: Matching Guess Jean symbol costumes for Halloween, circa 1988.

3. My definition of holidays is very broad. I consider the day we set our clocks back as something to celebrate. It gives me an extra hour in the day. I get giddy just thinking about it.

4. Although normally outgoing girls, there are times that Thuy and I can be anti-social. During one recent get together, she and I decided to hang out at her house with our kids because we “just didn’t want to deal with people.”

5. I am strangely competitive about lame things. Example: I recently succumbed to years of peer pressure and joined Facebook. My new mission in life is to build my network of friends to rival that of Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman). At last count, Ree was winning.

6. I am totally guilty of adding people to Facebook and then realizing that I have no idea who they are. After squinting at their photos, it turns out they just have the same name as those from my past.

7. In my quest to build my numbers, I do not delete people from my Facebook account that I do not know. I figure that if they are OK with it, then so am I.

8. I do not remember what my husband and I used to do on the weekends before we had kids. I asked him yesterday if he remembered. He wasn’t sure either.

9. I love the rain and all things winter. For me, there is nothing better than snuggling deeper into my bed and listening to a fierce storm outside.

10.Thuy can sniff out a bargain on the internet better and faster than anyone you know. She is like a bloodhound. If you have any doubts, I am willing to put her skills to the test. Believe me, she’ll win.

11. My husband carries my freshman prom photo in his wallet at all times. Kind of funny except when he brings it out at parties.

12. Like Whitney, I do not camp. My husband’s family does. This makes for a long Memorial Day weekend, as every year his family hosts a three day reunion among the pine trees and fresh air in Big Sur, California.

13. Thuy once told me that she had been sky-diving. I was impressed. It seemed so out of character for her. I later found out that she actually went sky-diving several months after having made her grand proclamation to me. Her incentive for following up on her claim: Telling me that she had completed this act of insanity in the first place.

14. Kacey was absolutely positive that she was going to have a boy when she was pregnant with Emi. She was so convinced that she tried to obtain a second ultrasound to confirm that her suspicions were true.

15. I have no, zero, zilch athletic ability. As testament to my lack of skills, I was awarded the “Most Spirited” prize on my high school volleyball team. I really was that bad.

There you have it. More insight into the 3 Bay B Chicks. Now I suppose I have to pass the award onto someone else. Let’s see, I will pass the baton onto Wendy at Green Girl Art and Jessica at Farm Fresh.


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forever folding laundry said...

OK, that picture is haunting me!

Fran - what about tennis?? You had game!

I totally agree about Kacey being the coolest chick I've ever known. Plus, her Swatch watch collection was second to none.

Loved your list!!

Unknown said...


I tried to add you as a friend on facebook but a search for francesca turned up over 500 ppl! I'll help you rival Miss Pioneer...:-)

Tonya said...

Hey there! I came by to say THANKS for the sweet comment you left at my blog (almost a week ago). It's been a little crazy around here, so I'm even later than normal catching up with my bloggy buddies. (It is such a pleasure to meet you) =-)

Oh, your children are BEAUTIFUL! Too, TOO CUTE!

Thanks again for stopping by..