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Monday, November 3, 2008

Too Many To Mention

MckMama at My Charming Kids had her fourth child last week. While I send her family many well wishes and congratulatory thoughts, I am more than slightly petrified at the thought of her and her husband raising four children, all under the age of four. However, if anyone has the strength and fortitude to do so, it is definitely MckMama.

In light of MckMama’s momentous occasion, there is some question as to whether Not-Me-Monday will occur today. (Something about needing a break after having a child a few days ago…) If the blog carnival does forge ahead, I thought I would be prepared.

I only have one Not-Me confession this week.

I did not laugh out loud when I came up with a name
for my alter ego.

I read last week that Beyonce Knowles has officially changed her name to “Sasha Fierce”. She explained that she has “someone else that takes over when it’s time for her to work and when she’s on stage. Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when she’s working and when she’s on the stage.” Although a very obvious marketing gimmick for her new album (scheduled to drop on November 18), I was fascinated by this idea. If Beyonce can do it, then why can’t I?

Going forward, I have decided that I would like to be known as “Fran Fierce”. Fran Fierce is my alter ego. It developed soon after I had children, but I have only recently recognized it as a completely different side to my personality. Fran Fierce is my less sensual, much more outspoken, and drastically less glamorous side.

A few photos to illustrate what I am saying:

Here I am probably about a year before I had my first child. This photo was taken in Las Vegas, with my husband, on a very late night out. Note the happy, relaxed, slightly drunk smile I have. There are no signs of fatigue, my clothes are super fun, and my general carefree approach to life is sincere.

Fast forward to earlier this year. Here I am on my 33rd birthday, three months after my daughter was born. This is Fran Fierce. She is desperately sleep deprived, probably has not showered in 24 (or was it 36?) hours, and may be mistaken as having a recent encounter with a wild animal as her hair has not been combed in days.

Would you like to hazard a guess as to which photo I have posted on my Facebook profile?

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

Another award! Well, when it rains, it pours. Thank you for the blog love, Keri!

This time we are naming five things we love. I believe I speak for each of the Three Bay B Chicks when I present the following:

1. Red wine and chocolate in Italy
2. Slingapore Slings and good friends in Hawaii
3. Champagne and a day at the spa in Napa
4. Sazerac cocktails and good jazz in New Orleans
5. Gin and tonics and a night out in San Francisco

I now pass the blog love along to June Cleaver Nirvana, From the Planet of Janet, Mary, and A Latte Talk.

* - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - * - *

I love the quirky way Americans "name" the different months of the year. (Does any other country do this?) Unbeknownst to me, November has significance beyond Thanksgiving. It is American Diabetes Month, National Novel Writing Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, and National Blog Posting Month. What does this all mean? For us, we will be posting on our blog everyday for a month and eating more peanut butter.

Hopefully, the other Three Bay B Chicks will support this endeavor, since I signed us up for the blogging challenge this morning prior to obtaining group consensus. I did manage to avoid the commitment to write a novel, which I am sure they will be thankful for.


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Texasholly said...

Congrats! Thanks soooo much for the award. I really, really appreciate it. AND that my dearest Janet is also on the list makes it even better.

I love the fierce alter ego. I am into fierce laundry today with 2 year old vomiting hourly. Glamorous life here...very glamorous.

thanks again!

Kendra ;) said...

I am over from MckMama's blog...that is hilarious about your alter ego! I can TOTALLY relate! :)

Jenny said...

Well, THANKS for the award! Love Fran Fierce. You are hoot.

Jenny said...

And I tired.

You are A hoot.


Julie said...

"Fran Fierce" - that is hysterical! Yeah, I don't like to compare my before & after kids photos either. :)

Susan said...

We all have alter egos! Perhaps you could start something and everyone could give themselves one. Thanks for visiting my blog-
I am new to blogging but loving it!
You have a good one and I'll be visiting often.

Kirsty said...

Hey there Fran Fierce! Love it! I think I too need an alter ego...after three children and a hubby working away from home, my 'head shot' is decidedly scary!

Thanks for commenting on my blog...and you guessed right..I am from Australia...it was the hot Christmas comment that got it wasn't it?!?! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I enjoyed reading your not me monday. Funny hpw kids can change your appearance so much huh?! Thanks for the comment. As for trunk or treat it is when a church puts together a festival and the volunteers decorate the trunks of their car and pass out candy. I am suprised you have never heard of it. ALL the churches around here do it every year. Hope you have a good week!

Unknown said...

That is ha-larious!

My alter ego is Jessica Justice. I have yet to employ her on the homefront...

wendy said...

That second picture is how I look everyday. And I am lucky even now if I take a shower every day, even every other day. For awhile I was keeping track on the calendar, cause I would forget the last time I took a shower was, but that was too depressing. Sleep wins over cleaniness every time.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo Fran Fierce! Love it!