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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Fought the Squirrel and the Squirrel Won

The world of blogging is somewhat of a mystery to me. It is interesting that you can know so much about another person whom you have never met. Case in point, I often assume that the author of the blog I am reading is from California. Totally wrong. Many times they are from the mid-West or the east coast. This is funny to me because I often believe that life doesn't really exist outside of the San Francisco Bay Area bubble we live in.

Another interesting observation regarding women bloggers is how they characterize/refer to their husbands. I have seen adjectives such as "Prince Charming", "Mr. Wonderful", and "Mr. Perfect". Need I say more? I love my man, but c'mon.

Here's a story about my husband and my son:

If my husband were to have a mantra, it very well might be "go big or go home." Bigger is often better in our house. Why buy one when you may someday need two? Be prepared, that's us. My husband decided not too long ago that the kids might like to see birds eating from bird feeders in the backyard. Nice idea. Sure, why not? Should I have been surprised when six bird feeders appeared in our backyard? Probably not. The Bay Area bird population obviously needs somewhere to stop on its migration to warmer climates.

And so, the birds have come to our backyard. I must admit that some days it is quite nice. Nature, right outside our window. However, in recent weeks, a squirrel has also discovered the bird feeders. At first, it was charming. The squirrel would scamper up the redwood tree in our backyard whenever we approached and G and I could watch it together. Unfortunately, lately, the squirrel has become much more bold. He no longer runs away when we approach. Last week, I noticed that the bird feed was disappearing at an alarming rate. Later I discovered that the squirrel is having a daily feast. To add insult to injury, he no longer fears me. Moreso, he casually glances my way when I approach and returns to eating.

This behavior had to come to a stop. I used my tried and true approach of scaring the neighborhood cats...stomping loudly and hissing. This had no effect. The squirrel just looked at me. I tried again. Same result. Finally, G came wandering into the backyard and asked what I was doing. I explained that I was trying to scare the squirrel so that he wouldn't eat any more of the food for the birds.

G looked at me, confused. "Mama, that's not how you scare a squirrel."
F: "Really? Then how does one properly scare a squirrel? Can you show Mama?
G: "Yup. Watch this."

G proceeded to run around in circles, arms throw above his head, screaming at the top of his lungs, "Squirrel, go home. Squirrel, you go home."

I tell you, as God as my witness, that squirrel looked scared. I have never seen an animal move so quickly.

G: "See Mama, you see? That is how you scare a squirrel."
F: "Thanks, baby."

I have so much to learn.

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Susannah said...


Susannah said...

ok, finally tagged- i got tagged again while i was lagging, so just did it all at once. ;)

how soon is g done with his case? we'd love to have dinner. my life has been insane (ha, as you can see from blog) , but jordan park or ? next week?

wendy said...

if I was drinking something while reading this I would have spit it out all over the computer. this is tooo funny.

Debbie said...

That is darling. I can just see your little one running around and doing this. And I understand about the husband and the buying. Mine does that. A simple stop at the grocery for milk can look like a trip to Costco for that man.

Texasholly said...

LOVE the squirrel scaring story. OMG--might have a future in that.

I think the same thing when I read blogs I just assume they live down the street...wouldn't it be nice if they did?