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Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Halloween!

As the last remnant from my work life, I still break up the calendar year into quarters. Quarter 1 (Q1) = January, February, and March, etc, etc. Q4 is my absolute favorite time of the year. I look forward to it all year and from about July forward, I'm what I like to refer to as "focused".

In the spirit of kicking off Q4 on our blog, Thuy actually came up with the brilliant idea for us to add a list of where to buy Halloween costumes. Here is what we what know:
  1. If you are a planner, like you know we are, we recommend buying costumes a year in advance. Take advantage of the sales that happen immediately before and after Halloween. Costumes are typically 50-60% off at that time.

  2. Pottery Barn Kids: Very expensive, but super cute. Where else can you buy an organic banana or hamburger costume for your little one? Perhaps because the economy is in the toilet, they are offering free shipping and a 20% discount currently. Take advantage!

  3. One Step Ahead: Much more affordable and a nice selection of animal costumes.

  4. Buycostumes.com: Great selection for infants and toddlers and usually about $10 cheaper than most other sites. I especially like their Elite Collection for toddlers. These animal costumes are super funny. Case in point, the skunk.

  5. Babystyle: A personal favorite. I am seriously counting down until L is old enough to wear the Proud as a Peacock costume.

  6. Chasing Fireflies: Some of the costumes for girls are really over the top, as illustrated in this example. (Can you imagine sending your daughter out trick or treating as Marie Antoinette?) However, the costumes for boys cannot be beat.
Whatever you decide to do in the end, have a ton of fun and take lots of pictures. I know my family will...


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Kim Gail said...

BuyCostumes is one of my most favorite store for Halloween costume shopping.

Thuy said...

Love the list, Francesca. I didn't even know about some of the sites!

wendy said...

love it.