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Thursday, October 9, 2008


We have purchased only a few DVDs for G. One of his favorites is Pixar Shorts. It is a compilation of the short films that Pixar has featured before its movies. I love it because it holds G's attention much better than an entire 2 hour movie. In watching Shorts for the 83rd time yesterday, I realized that my life is very similar to this DVD. A series of "shorts"...

Short #1:
I am desperate to get my hair cut and colored. Prior to having kids, this was something that happened very easily. Make the appointment, get my hair done. Now, I have to figure out what I am going to do with two kids while I indulge my vanity. This week, I got creative. I figured I could drop G off at pre-school and then bring L with me to the appointment. I came prepared...even going as far as bringing the playpen, a bottle, toys, you name it. The fatal flaw in my plan is that I did not factor in my hairstylists' inability to talk and cut my hair at the same time. A cut that seriously should have taken no more than a half hour was dangerously pushing an hour. For most of the appointment, L was in my lap, pulling at my hair, yanking on the drape, trying desperately to crawl away from me. The comical part is that the hairstylist just kept right on talking, like nothing was wrong. Finally, another customer walked into the salon. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I jumped out of the hair, with only half of my head blow dried. "This looks great. Thanks so much. I think we're done. You should take your next customer."

Putting a screaming L into the car for the drive home, I glanced at my hair in the car window. In addition to my Cousin It look, I now have an Alfalfa clump of hair in the front of my head, sticking straight up. Apparently the attempt to create bangs went all wrong. For those of you who know me, this is my new look...

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wendy said...

i am sure its not that bad!
you are a great storyteller though!!

forever folding laundry said...

I am dying that you brought the pack and play to the salon! So funny. I'm sure the alfalfa looks great on you.

And thanks for keeping food on my table. ;)