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Monday, August 25, 2008

Wish List

M just turned one and I can’t believe we’ve survived a year. Whoo hooo!! Though we weren’t your typical first time parents, where we throw a big party for the little guy (add this to the impending list of issues he’s going to blame me for!!), we did receive some gifts.

As it goes with all gifts, they were incredibly thoughtful, but you know how you get clothes that are three sizes too big and two seasons behind by the time he’ll fit into them?! Cool clothes – wrong size and wrong season.

To combat this, I’ve decided to use an online registry called Wishpot. It is completely free and the idea is that it’s supposed to help manage your wish lists, shopping lists, gift ideas, pick list (recommendations of your favorite stuff), wedding registry, and baby registry. Not to mention, you get ideas from other people's wish lists as well.

I thought I’d never resort to this but it’s become necessary as I can’t keep all the stuff that M has received just because I feel guilty. No room in the house for clutter, let alone, guilt. Plus, I’m sure Grandma would love the list because she keeps buying M stuff that I have to ask her to return because honestly, no baby looks good in lime green with purple dots bodysuit. Did I mention that the suit was velour too?!

It’s a way to manage all the things I’d like for M, from various sites, unlike a single store registry, like Target or Amazon. I can mark anything from whatever site I’d like. Now when people ask what M needs or wants, I can actually send them his wish list.

Create your own wish list and save your baby from the lime green with purple dots suit!!

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