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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shopping Ahead

No one loves a bargain more than me. Nobody!! Francesca and Kacey are probably chuckling at this statement because it's so true. In fact, if people paid me a compliment on what I wore or what M wore (more often the latter case these days because I definitely put more thought into his outfits than mine), I find myself blurting out how little I paid for it. It's a rather embarassing habit! I need to just smile and say "thank you."

What can I say?! Aside from M's kisses, nothing leaves me feeling more warm and fuzzy than a good bargain. And with some careful planning, I'm beginning to master the art of bargain hunting.

As everyone knows, to get a good deal on anything, your best best is to buy off season and in the case of children's clothings, it does take a bit of planning. So, I geeked out and made myself a spreadsheet of what age and season I'd need to shop ahead for M. Unfortunately, I didn't start this habit until January 2008, but it would have been much more helpful during pregnancy and the first six months when M seemed to outgrow everything at an astronomical rate.

It's happened quite a few times where I'd like something but it's in the wrong size. Since I print this out and put this in my purse, it's a great reference to check to see if it will be seasonably appropriate for M for later on. Don't be tempted to stock up too much though because it will get buried in the closet and you'll inevitably forget about it.

Here is copy of the spreadsheet for you to modify for your own use. Happy bargain hunting!!

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