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Sunday, September 14, 2008

In a Flash

Recently I was speaking with a fellow chickie about the lack of flash cards in other languages. She suggested we make our own for our little babes so in doing some research I came across Goosie cards. With these cards you can personalize your own flash cards. Whether it's another language, counting, the abc's, family members, or whatever you are trying to teach your little one. It runs about $28 for 10 cards and tops out at $46 for 28 cards. Pricey yet, since it's personalized I can justify it (if you haven't guessed already can pretty much justify most purchases--not good). The ones with pictures of family members is pretty cute and it could be reused again for the next little chickie. Let us know if you make some I'd love so see what everyone comes up with. To my two fellow chickies, perhaps we could make ones in Italian, Japanese and Vietnamese and then swap?

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