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Friday, August 1, 2008

New Career Path: Baby Planners

So, I stayed up late last night catching up on work because that's when I'm most productive...When I work, often times in the wee hours of the night, I like to have the TV on to keep me company.

As it happens, I had the TV on Nightline last night, which had a story on a new service that new moms are now seeking the help of baby planners to help them with various tasks, from reviewing baby products, arranging preggo photo sessions, massages, interviewing nanny, and even picking names!! My goodness, is this for us or what?! Francesca, it's time to draft a business plan! :)

We already do this for our new preggo friends, so why not help other pregnant women out there?! People have wedding planners to help them with one day of their life so why not baby planners to prepare them for the change in the rest of their lives?

Preliminary market research produced: http://thebabyplanners.com/index.html

The cogs are turning, friends, which can be very dangerous! What about the name...Preggo Planner?! huh? huh?! Like I said, it's dangerous when the cogs are turning!

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