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Saturday, July 26, 2008

There's More?

One of the many fun things about having girlfriends with children around the same age is sharing tips and tidbits that we have each discovered. Here are a few more recent discoveries...
  1. Hairclips: What is more fun than dressing up with baby girl for a party (or no occasion at all)? We love felt hairclips both for our little girls and as gifts.
  2. Keeping it Green: The Reusable Bags website is a great source for all things eco-friendly. We especially like it for sippy cups and canteens.
  3. Shopping Cart Covers: For the germ-phobe in all of us! Love the prints for these shopping cart/hairchair covers.
  4. Baby Nasal Aspirator: The Nosefrida...probably one of the crazier items on our list, but Kacey swears by its effectiveness. Available at Whole Foods stores.
  5. Downtime Sleepy Hat: You should buy this simply because it is so damn funny. Kacey used the hat for her daughter. If introduced when the baby is young enough, it will work as an effective trigger to go to sleep.
  6. Baby Hammock: A friend of ours tried out a baby hammock from Natures Sway for her newborn and had great success. None of the three of us have used this product, but it looks like a fantastic way to keep your baby warm and cozy.
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1 comment:

forever folding laundry said...

Love the hairclips - those are cute. The nasal aspirator is cracking me up. I think Kacey needs to demonstrate that one for me!! I used an Amby baby hammock with Avery. They're great for colicky babies. Love all your lists, gals - keep it up! =)