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Thursday, October 16, 2008

What Would Martha Do?

In thinking of ways to keep the content on our blog fun and interesting, our third Bay B Chick, Kacey, who will soon be making a return to the blogging world, came up with the idea for "What Would Martha Do?" The Bay B Chicks, like so many of you out there, love the queen of all Good Things.

When life presents us with its little challenges, perhaps we should all be asking ourselves, what would Martha do? If Martha were by my side today, here is the question I would ask. To mix it up even more, I also improvised as to what her response might be...

Hello, Martha,

As featured in this month's Martha magazine, I have carefully selected the pumpkins to display at my front door. I am so immensely pleased with the outcome. It brings a bit of fall color and holiday spirit to our home. Unfortunately, my son, G, loves our pumpkins almost as much as I do...maybe even more. Here is a photo of my beloved pumpkin centerpiece before G manhandled it. However, after G gave the pumpkin a bit too much love, I am sad to report that it no has a stem. How can I remedy this problem?

The House with the Not-So-Great Pumpkin

Martha's Response:
Dear House with the Not-So-Great Pumpkin,

Two words: Gorilla Glue. It can fix anything. As the advertisement states, this stuff really is for the toughest jobs on the plant. Go out and get yourself some. Repeat to yourself, you can fix Halloween.


I have of course followed Martha's advice. If you are over at my house sometime between now and Thanksgiving, here is the scene that will greet you:

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forever folding laundry said...

Well done, you have made Martha proud, for sure! Although, in all likelihood, Martha would surely have 6,529 more pumpkins growing in her ginormous pumpkin garden, and would have taken the damaged pumpkin to cook, puree, and use in a homemade pumpkin chiffon pie. And her crisp, blue, button-down shirt would remain splatter- and wrinkle-free the entire time. Curse you, Martha Stewart!!!!

Anonymous said...

Between your post and Keri's comment I almost woke my kids I was laughing so hard! Thanks, I needed that.

Have you read that Martha's Not Coming To Dinner This Year Email about Thanksgiving? I'll hunt it down and send it to you... just don't read it when the kiddies are sleeping or you'll wake them up laughing too!

Blessings, Whitney

wendy said...

i always forget about glue.