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Friday, October 17, 2008

L's Points of Joy

After having posted my own points of joy earlier this week, it got me thinking, what makes my children happy? What little things bring a smile to their day? This question was a bit more complicated to answer for L than for G, since L is not exactly expressing herself using the English language yet. However, I think she managed to get her point across.

L's points of joy:

1) Fine dining, in this case on Cheerios.
2) Time at the spa.
3) Catching up on reading with her brother. Actually, any activity involving her brother.
4) Journaling.
5) The crazy, nameless fish that lives next to her crib. Although he ate all of the other, much more beautiful fish in the tank, she loves him just the same.
6) Sports.

G and I are still working on his list. It takes time to define these things for the very cultured and sophisticated.

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forever folding laundry said...

OK, you know how I said the other day that I thought L was a mix between you & Big G? Scratch that. The hair pic with her & him changed my mind. She's all G!!

Love the new Halloween pics, ladies!!

Anonymous said...

How Sweet! And what a cutie pie!

My daughter's list is the same minus the fish... we learned our lesson with our oldest son...

One day we couldn't spot Nemo in the tank (uber original, I know) so I yelled downstairs asking my husband where he went and he hollared back up... had to flush that one! My son stood mouth gaping and I said (thank you Jesus for quick reaction times) well of COURSE you did, because ALL DRAINS LEAD TO THE OCEAN. Whew!

Blessings, Whitney