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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looking Cute

Happy Birthday, Ms. Emi!! We love you, sweet girl!

Our Emi is one today and she is the hippest, best dressed baby we know, though I imagine the outfit possibilities are going to get even cuter once she is upright and mobile. Watch out, Kacey, you're going to be buying even more stuff!

As you can imagine, between the three of us, we do lots of clothes shopping for our kids and though we really try hard not to obsess over their clothes, it’s difficult. They are just so darn cute! Plus, it’s always easier to justify buying things for our kids rather than ourselves, right?!

I prefer getting all cotton stuff for M because I want him to be comfortable. He’s active all day. M only dresses in “outfits” when we take him somewhere nice. Otherwise, our guy is constantly in sweats and soft cotton, whenever possible. I even allow him to wear his PJs all day. (Shocking, I know!)

So, where do we go to adorn our little ones?!

1. The Gap
2. Old Navy
3. Gymboree
4. Crazy Eight
5. A Children’s Place
6. American Apparel: Most designer screen printed t-shirts that M have are American Apparel as designers tend to gravitate to these shirts so if you’re looking for the basics, they are a good source for soft, quality pieces. The cotton can be a bit thin but very breathable, great for summer months or good layering pieces.
7. Nordstrom: Although the children’s clothing they carry is good, this is really our destination for kid’s shoes. The selection just can’t be beat.
8. Naartjie: Unique kids’ fashion for sizes 0-10. The store can be a bit poorly organized but some great, high quality stuff.
9. Hanna Andersson: Most of the clothing is bright, very colorful, and looks inspired by Scandinavian designs. We also like the holiday outfits, which are quite cute, and the matching Mom and daughter outfits make us laugh. I once received a Christmas card where everyone, including the Grandparents, were dressed up in the exact same Where’s Waldo outfits. Totally hilarious and memorable!!
10. Olive Juice: Although on the expensive side, this classic clothing line is especially suitable for special occasions and the all important holiday photo.
11. Costco: Strange place to pick up kids’ clothes, but it’s a great for basics and PJs. Our local Costco now carries organic cotton stuff, though there selection varies by location and is very limited. I love quality cotton and go nuts for pima so I tend to go overboard in stocking up!
12. Whole Foods: Out of the ordinary place but I end up buying some cotton PJs and t-shirts here. Earth friendly and when they change seasons, the stuff there is actually reasonably priced.
13. Janie and Jack: Though the girl section is ¾ of the store, they still have the cutest outfits for boys. Good sales too!
14. Amazon: It’s truly a one stop shop for me. I have found some amazing children’s deals on all my favorite brands, including, Keeka, American Apparel, Robeez, Trumpette, etc. Wonderful deals but you have to check the site regularly.
15. Etsy: I always try to order locally when I can. Etsy has wonderful designers with very unique silk screened tees, great prints for the nursery, and even hair clips. Support artists!

Tip: If you do find good sale, remember to purchase bigger sizes using your child's sizing chart so you get seasonably appropriate clothes in the correct size at the right price. Easier to justify buying things if they are on sale, right?!

Stay tuned for the next posting when I cover where we like to shop for our kids locally. If you have any suggestions that we might have neglected on our list, we'd love to hear about some of your favorite places. Happy shopping!

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forever folding laundry said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emi! Glad to see that you are finally wearing your bee costume over there on the right. You are a cutie!

Thanks for the info, Thuy! Whole Foods was a new one for me! Also, are you saying that dressing my fam in all matching Hanna outfits isn't the way to go for our Christmas cards? Gary will be so disappointed that he's not going to get to wear those moose pajamas.

Unknown said...

They certainly are all adorable! I do a lot of our shopping on eBay and at garage sales, but I like a lot of the brands you mentioned. When you plan for handmedowns, quality is the way to go!

Breanne said...

Happy Birthday Emi!!!! Taya is SO bummed she couldn't celebrate with you in person. It's ok though, you can be destructively celebratory together come Thanksgiving!
One year! Yay!

Very cute brands mentioned, there are a couple I didn't know about. This is what works for me - I go and catch the end of season clearance sales at places like Nartjie and Children's Place and buy clothes for Taya for the following year (or even two). If Taya wasn't pretty average in size though, it would be a little tricky making sure I get the right clothes for the right season. But this way I'm able to afford cute clothes and it's like shopping all over again when I get them out of storage (but somehow they feel magically free the 2nd time around)! And Old Navy online has GREAT sales along with more selection :)