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Friday, October 24, 2008

Looking Cute: Part Deux

Can I get some sugar with my Daily Tea?

As promised, here are our recommendations for boutiques and destinations we love in our own backyard:

1. Milk: J’adore. I salivate over the beautiful clothes at this boutique but have only managed to buy a gift for a friend’s daughter. Pretty clothes for a pretty penny.
2. Ruby’s Garden Kidwear and Flower Shop: Amazing service and a great place to discover new local designers. Last time I went, they had Obama and McCain onesies. (I wonder if they have any Sarah Palen onesies in?!) The people there are super friendly and helpful. I am on their mailing list and they were nice enough to send me a $5 gift card for M’s birthday. Sweet!!
3. Temescal Farmer’s Market: Very unique, local t-shirts by local designers. Oaklandish onesies are very cute. EEEastide!! (Aren't I so street?!)
4. BabyAlula: It's a perfect place to go when you are in search of a good quality baby/toddler gift. They have interesting wooden toys and puzzles for kids of all ages usually at a discount. They also have some really great organic clothes, suitable for newborn gifts.
5. Rockridge Kids: Good selection of all things basic and cotton, especially the Zutano line.
6. Crackerjacks: A terrific little store carrying new and used stuff for kids, such as See Kai Run shoes, Haba & Plan toys, and locally made blankets and tees.
7. This Little Piggy Wears Cotton: Cool store with trendy styles. Good destination for the fashion/quality conscious mom or mommy-to-be.
8. Tea Collection: Their designs are very cute and hip and though much of their stuff is pricey, sometimes, it’s worth it, especially when they have sales online. On sale, the prices are fair and the quality and softness of their cotton is unbeatable. Their Daily Tea collection is perfect for everyday wear. If you’re lucky enough to attend their sample sales, they are phenomenal.
9. Red Wagon: Similar to This Little Piggy Wears Cotton; we love the unique assortment of clothes and toys found at Red Wagon.
10. DayOne: Although a bit hard to find, the trip is well worth it. In addition to cool clothes, they carry high quality, easy to use, mom-tested, and nurse approved items. The staff is happy to share their experience and opinions on all things baby related.
11. Giddy Giddy: What outfit is complete without hairclips and accessories?! Tip: Order from the designer directly; it’s cheaper than using a third party website. The designer of the hairclip also has a line of bedding called Kukunest that I've been eying. Cute, but not cutesy.
12. Penny and Maude: Great local designer with super cute designs. Their Super Chick shirt is a personal favorite…M is lucky I haven’t forced him to wear this tee.
13. Heartfelt: The only place to pick up the “I hella heart Oakland” onesies and t-shirts. Great place for unique gifts as well.
14. Cotton & Company: We walk here all the time and the people are generally very helpful, though the store sometimes lacks the sizes I need. They are closing shop soon, as the owner has decided to retire. Always sad to have a local business close but I will support them 'til the end.
15. Jeremy's: It's my favorite place to shop for myself. Lately, the Berkeley store, carries a small selection of Crewcut clothes (Jcrew classic style shrunken for the little people in our lives) at hugely discounted prices. I found ruffle collared cardigans here for little girls for just $15. Ohhh, I love a good sale!! More reasons for me to visit Jeremy's...as if I really needed a reason to shop here.

Though we mentioned some great places, really, one of the best places to go to is your friend's. I am lucky enough to borrow from Francesca because G has great clothes. Borrow and swap with friends and share the love.

Good luck and let us know of any great stores that you love. We’re always interested!

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