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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Holiday Card HELL-P

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Even though I vow every year to get a head start on my holiday shopping, it ALWAYS creeps up on me. I swear it's not even Halloween and I'm getting the Christmas shopping panic attacks. I have nightmares that it's December 24th, I have no gifts, and I'm stuck driving around and around looking for parking. The horror!! This is my first holiday that I'm (key word coming up) "planning" to send a holiday card. The other Bay B chicks and I thought we were ahead of the game when we recently scheduled a photo shoot with our favorite photographer, Ruth. We had high, high, hopes of getting "the shot" to be used for our cards. However, Mother Nature and our kids temperaments had other plans. Shocker, I know. Here are some of my current options:

I call this one, "No effort, fake cry."

I call this one, "Better effort, fake cry number 2."

This one is, "It's my birthday and I'll give it one last shot...fake cry number 3."

So as you can see, I'm basically photo-less and the clock is ticking. Tick, tock, tick, tock. To make matters worse, there are a LOT of great deals for holiday cards, but you have to act before the end of October. Bother! I guess the annoying little early bird really does get the worm. (I'm not bitter or anything!)

To feel somewhat productive I started looking into all of my photo options so when I get the photo, I'll have a plan in place. I thought I'd include what's out there and give a little snippet and general prices per card.
  1. Tiny Prints: I truly love their cards, labels, and stationary. Can be on the pricey side, but they do a very good job with excellent turnaround. Holiday photo cards range from $1.19-2.50.
  2. Photo Innovation: They will take your uploaded photo and format it for you or build the card around your photo. Runs about 2.50 per card.
  3. Shutterfly: Quality photos, some new designs. Very reasonable.
  4. Snapfish: Some very cute designs, this year. As low as .29 a card!
  5. Paper Source: My favorite store is now offering letterpress photo cards to order. Pricey, about $2-3 a card. If you don't send out a ton of cards, they also offer cute photo cards where you slip in your photo, sold in a box of 8.
  6. Kodak Gallery: Love this retro design! Similar to Shutterfly and Snapfish. About $1 a card.
  7. Costco: If you send out 100+ cards, this is the place for you! Currently they are 25% off.
  8. Pear Tree Greetings: Very, very cute cards, under $1 each.
  9. Abby Lulu: Darling cards, stickers, placemats, & invitations. A little over $2 for each photo card.
  10. Doodle Bug Dezigns: Modern designs about $1.50 each.
  11. Photo Affections: Sale until October 31st. Very modern designs. Most cards under $1.50.
Please send any photo sites our way. I'm sure I'll won't be making my selection (or any at all) until the beginning of December! That's just how I roll.

-Kacey (aka mother of a faker)
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Shelton Sales said...
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Anonymous said...

Great Links!

I have a fake crier too. You wouldn't believe the stares I get in public when she starts up and I say, Oh you don't mean it. LOL! Seriously, I can feel people point and stare, what a terrible mother am I. Terrible enough not to give in to the fakeouts!

I have long since given up on photo studios. With 3 children, My 3 children, it's just not gonna happen. Welcome sheets of many colors (backdrops) and my living room (studio). Because I just can Not pay through the nose for pictures that one is not looking, 2 is poking 3 in the ear and 3 is crying. Nope.

I'm going to send out Christmas cards for the first time in 5 years. Oh, the progress! My big plan is to have them done by Thanksgiving, so I can mail them the next day. Bam! Done. I'm getting together with a friend for coffee (No Kiddies!) to work on them together so it's not a chore.

Blessings, Whitney

wendy said...

oh I wish I was closer, I'd come & take some pictures of emi.
I say send out the fake cries. I love those shots.

Unknown said...

The desperation in the first one is killer! I'm w/ Wenders - send the fake cry photos!

AphroChic said...

awww! Even I though I know she's faking, she looks so sad :( Poor baby. I'm sure you'll get the perfect shot in an impromptu moment, or maybe when's she's sleeping. It can a be a silent night theme.