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About Us

Amazing friendships are certainly forged on the Internet. However, the three of us started out as friends long before we became bloggers. Kacey and Francesca met at an early age while serving time in Brownie Troop 301. To this day we both continue to believe that the Girl Scout Cookie is a powerful and sacred food, worthy of a meal unto itself at any time of day. Thuy entered our lives many years later at a time when we all still thought the night started (rather than ended) at 9:00 p.m. and poop was an unheard of topic of conversation.

Each of us offers something a little different to the blogosphere every week. Kacey is our resident style expert, Thuy is the queen of bargains and tips, and Francesca uses her Seinfeld-esque sense of humor to share the funny moments in her everyday life with her kids. Oh, and because we are big fans of our little corner of the world in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, we decided to use it in our name.

You could think of us as the Three Musketeers, only we’re not. We’re really just three moms who believe that their days are a bit brighter when the children nap and that laughing with your friends over a bottle of red wine can cure most anything that ails you.

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