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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

He Said/She Said

Tyler and I just celebrated our third anniversary and, while I can say it's been lovely, we've definitely had our share of "discussions." These discussions coincidentally became more amplified after the arrival of our daughter, Emi. Some people describe us both as being passive-aggressive or sarcastic. We prefer to call it razor sharp wit. After work, once our nightly ritual (feeding, bathing, reading and tucking Emi in) is completed, our discussions usually go something like this:

I just want to begin by saying how much I appreciate our open brand of communication. There are many things you do that I value - some much more than others. One of the things I value less is the remarkable art you produce every night after I’ve cooked dinner, where you leave the dirty dishes out in a unique abstract formation. I don’t know what I find more intoxicating, your daily artistry or the aroma of decomposing food.

Thank you so much for your refreshing honesty. It buoys me up and gives me strength. I too value everything I like about you. One thing I find adorable is your irreplaceable ability to misconstrue having food delivered to our doorstep with actually preparing a meal. I think it’s cute the way you equate the two, somehow conjuring up the belief that dumping food from a box onto a plate relieves you from dish duty. That’s like saying because I put rubbish into a receptacle I’m absolved from having to take out the trash. I fall more and more in love with your quirky logic every day.

I’m delighted you thought to bring up the subject of garbage because I think it’s endearing how whenever you eat something contained in a plastic wrapper, you forget to place the wrapper into the receptacle just a few feet away. I consider each wrapper a memento of your leisured persona.

I do it all for you, kiddo.

Don’t I know it.

After this, Tyler does the dishes and then rubs my feet. VICTORY!! Life is good.

-Kacey (& Tyler)
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*Monica said...

hahahahahahaha, what a wonderful loving exchange!

This made my morning.

Deb said...

I wish my husband and I could have this kind of open, caring communication.

Lori said...

This made me laugh out loud!!

I keep waiting for sarcasm to emerge as a healthy parenting style.

seriously? said...

LOL...Awwww, I am totally feeling the love!!!

forever folding laundry said...

The funny thing is, I can see you two doing this now -- and in 50 years! So funny.

Love that pic of you two, by the way. (Still going to send the one of T in his overalls, though.)

Jo said...

Few things I like better than witty exchanges!

Kristina P. said...

There were too many big words in this for me to follow.

The conversations with my husband are more one worded.

Hccm said...

Wait you live in a town where they bring the food to you? All this time I have wasted by driving to pick up the food. Thanks for the tip!

Carol said...

Definitely a match made in heaven. Excellent communication, you two. I want to be a fly on the wall when you celebrate your 50th anniversary.

Tulip Row said...

Hilarious I love it!

seriously? said...

I am so sad Three Bay B Chicks...Why have you removed yourself as a follower of my blog?? Is it the running? I promise to refrain from posting any mileage or times EVER!!!!! Please, please, come back!!!

Now I am REALLY sounding like a blog stalker...I swear I am fairly normal.

Unknown said...

Grin! I don't ever remember having discussions like that in our marriage.

seriously? said...

OH...you are so silly Three Bay B Chicks....of course I know you are kidding about the running. I wish I was kidding about the running and if you even start running or doing any physical exercise of any kind...I will remove you from my blog followers. Now, I am Just kidding

Your description of running to the computer had me laughing since I too, went running to mine even though I was supposed to be out doing yard duty. :) We should meet as I am quite certain we would be "life long friends" (from Grease, ya know?) If nothing less, we would laugh frequently!!!

I will check on your "following" but, I still don't see your little thumbnail on my page...and that just makes me so sad. Please, for the love of chocolate, Starbucks, and a nice 6 pack (of abs or beer, you choose) be my follower!!!

seriously? said...

OK...you are back on my 5 followers now. Thanks, pretty sad when you go from 5 to 4 so, I must do all I can to keep the 5 I have, ya know?

I will reveal my true identity to you and only you three bay b chicks...facebook? I will check for you on there...if you are not on there 1). WTH? 2). Get on there and we can have lots of fun. Beware of the facebook flair...

The Blonde Duck said...

LOL! What a refreshing conversation!

And Francesca, I haven't read Inkheart. Yet. Excuse me while I rip it out of some child's hands.

Unknown said...

LOL....I LOVE IT! so sweet

Anonymous said...

Score! And keep it that way!

And, you two are supremely adorable.

Heather of the EO said...

What beautiful sentiments. You're brilliant.

Debbie said...

That is too funny! I've been married 22 years. My conversations may be a little different.

Helene said...

I love it!!!! My marital therapist would probably pay YOU the $100/hour to write material for him to say to his clients!! But then again, maybe if I talked to my husband more lovingly like that, we may not need marital therapy!

Counselormama said...

This is funny! They should produce a play based on this dialogue!

The Blonde Duck said...


Where do you want me to send Twirl too? The Three Bay Chicks e-mail? Shoot me an e-mail of where you want it and I'll have it tonight!

And yes, I wrote a book! :) It's a book of Christmas tales I released two weeks before Christmas (awesome marketing skills on my part. It's called the Twelve Tales of Christmas and you can see it on the right--the red book with the blue lulu button under it. Click on the lulu button and it'll take you to the site. Or you can go to lulu.com and type in Miranda Koerner 12 tales and it should pop up. Let me know if you have trouble!