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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sew Crafty

I'm not crafty. I wish I were. I've tried in the past, but recently have come to grave reality that I'm not one of those annoying talented people who can make things because they want to. Last year I asked for a sewing machine for Chirstmas, thinking that by having it, I would somehow turn into a Martha protege. Sadly, that didn't happen. I've used my machine twice, once to practice and another time to make a trim on a cloth diaper. Both times my mom was present (she had to redo most of what I did!).

However I'm determined to make something useful before the year's end. I think I've found my project...a quiet book kit by the lovely Shelly Wallace. Cute, cute, cute!

I love that it is made of felt, interactive, and QUIET!!! I was going to be ambitious and order the ABC book but have decided to take baby steps and go for the color book. Psst...another bonus is if the crafty bug doesn't strike and I still want it I can order one already made!

The best part of my crafty experiment is that most of her kits are less than $20. Wish me luck.

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Breanne said...

This looks so cute! I'll have to check her stuff out.
I have had my mom's super sewing abilities around all my life and still don't know how to sew. Now I am determined to learn from her since she lives nearby. There's still hope for us! It's hard to learn when we're only shown or taught how to sew once a year... ya know?

Anonymous said...

Whoa. I'm crafty at heart too, but you're just plain BRAVE taking on a project like that. That is of course in case my thinking so will deter you from your higher goals. In that case, Woot Woot - go You! LOL.

I asked for a sewing machine 2 years ago for the same reason and I'm not sure it's even been turned on. My inner Martha is being smothered by 3 little houligans. Some people's kids!! (my own, Ahem.)

Seriously, good luck, can't wait to see how it turns out!

Blessings, Whitney