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Monday, July 14, 2008

Must Have's for Mommy-To-Be:

  1. Mommy-To-Be Beauty Products: Pamper, pamper, pamper yourself when you are pregnant. Once the baby arrives, your appearance and unfortunately overall welfare takes a backseat for quite sometime. Francesca discovered Mama Mio products while pregnant with her daughter. The Boob Tube is especially nice.
  2. Pre-Natal Massage: This is really helpful in your last trimester when you may not be sleeping so great. Not such a good idea during your last month of pregnancy as it may cause you to go into labor.
  3. Pedicure: Definitely necessary before you go to the hospital. It is a special surprise to have pretty feet once you can see past your belly again.
  4. Haircut: Do this before you deliver. You will not have time to get your haircut or colored after the baby arrives for quite a while.
  5. Someone to clean your house: Hire help if you have to for the first few weeks. Spend the money and save yourself the hassle. It will be a life-saver.
  6. Network of people who will bring you food/provide support once the baby arrives: Francesca's superstar friends came through in a major way after her daughter was born, bringing by meals over the course of several weeks. Such an amazing help!
  7. Mommy's Support Group: Thuy has met a great group of women who were going through the same things she was. It was a great way for her to meet other Moms and also gave her something to plan for and do during the first three months.
  8. Date night/weekend away before baby arrives: Honestly, it will be a while before you venture out into the world on a date night again. Go big. Get away for the weekend. Do something fun before your world changes so dramatically and wonderfully.
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