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Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun Things to Consider:

  1. Itz Been: Itz Been is basically a timer that helps you to keep track of how much time has passed since you last changed a diaper, fed your baby, etc. It sounds lame, but is really helpful when you are tired and continually forget how long your baby has been asleep.
  2. Bebe Au Lait: A fun and trendy purchase. Available in super cute prints and colors. It is a cover up to use when breastfeeding. Great product to take with you to the hospital and have on-hand right away.
  3. Nightlight: Thuy bought Francesca's son the Candela Tooli Nightlight/Lamp set for his 1st birthday. A very handy product. It is a portable nightlight that your child can hold in their hands, if they prefer. When not in use, it sits on a base that plugs into the wall to recharge. The Candela is also better than a regular nightlight because you can move it towards your baby's face in the middle of the night.
  4. Yoga Ball: A great way to bounce your baby to sleep and work on getting your abs back into shape at the same time. A few tips: Make sure the ball is inflated well and sit up very straight.
  5. White Noise Machine: Francesca purchased the Marpac 980 Sound Screen & Sleep Mate to use after her daughter was born. If you are going to buy a noise machine, buy this model. Other brands may simulate the sounds of the ocean, rain, etc, but are no where near as effective.
  6. Sophie the Giraffe: A teething toy that is not made in China. A golden nugget of a find!
  7. Activity Cards: A great gift to give and to receive. These are essentially a stack of playing cards that provide ideas for activities to do with your baby/toddler at various stages of development, e.g., 0-12 months, 12-24 months, etc. A nice change from stuffed animals and toys that clutter the house.
  8. JJ Cole Bundle Me Cover: A must have for winter babies. Francesca ended up leaving hers in the infant carseat, so that her daughter was always well insulated. Using the cover relieves you of having to tote around extra blankets wherever you may go. The cover is also great to use in the stroller. For summer babies, the Bundle Me Lite is wonderful. Same concept, different material.
  9. Membership to diapers.com: When you simply can't get to the store to buy diapers, wipes, etc., consider ordering them on-line. As long as your order meets a minimum dollar amount, the shipping is free.
  10. Magazine Subscriptions: Magazines are a wonderful way to pass the time when you may not want to commit to an entire book. Fit Pregnancy has great tips for both pregnant women (and Dads to be), as well as new Moms. Cookie is also very good. It has helpful tips and is not overly cutesy.
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wendy said...

you can get the night lights a little cheaper here:

this is great you guys!!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

We have both the Candeloo and the Mobityke light. Though Tykelight doesn't look as cute, the light has more modes (bright and soft)and maintains its charge much better. Plus it's half the price!