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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ask a Dad

Disclaimer: Tyler H is a guest blogger and father to Emi. The Three Bay B Chicks have asked him to shed light on a Dad’s point of view under the stern supervision of his loving wife, Kacey. If you have a question for Ask A Dad, feel free to submit it in the comments section. Note that Ask A Dad has always been and will always be fake advice…except for this one (wink).

Raising a Winner

A loyal reader asked me, “How can I raise my child to be a winner?” Great question. In order for them feel like a winner, they must be determined to win. As a parent, you must instill in them an aggressive drive to compete.

For starters, if you want what’s best for your kids, then you shouldn’t be afraid to use the word “best.” Get that word ingrained into their impressionable little minds as early as possible. For instance, when you take them shopping, always ask the store clerk which product is the best. If you’re like me and can’t afford the best, do not worry. As you talk to the clerk, wink and covertly point to the cheapest item.

Also, when playing games, introduce the “who’s better at it” idea. For instance, when playing with dolls, you might say, “Hey Sarah, wanna play who’s a better pretend mommy?”

A few other ideas to ensure that your child is a winner:

1) When Christmas nears, tell your child that Santa only has one more of the toy on their wish list left and that he must decide who to give the toy to: them or the kid next door. Add to this that Santa's decision will be based on their ability to intimidate the neighbor's kid.

2) In the presence of your child, give other children twice as much praise for the same accomplishment.

3) Lastly, time them. Time them on everything they do.

Mark my words, if you follow these subtle precepts, you’ll be assured to raise a winner…unless you live next door to us.

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Eve said...

Oh my gosh - this guy is too funny!

MsTypo said...

Dear Ask Dad,
What is the correct action to take when our child, raised under your strict rules, later writes the BEST tell all book about how I warped as a child by ruining sense of fun by making everything a competition?

I just like to be prepared! :p Thanks for the great advice! LOL

Kathy B! said...

Ask a Dad rocks :)

jennykate77 said...

Seriously LOLing over here. Too funny.

I love Ask a Dad.

Happy Thursday!

Lisa@saltandlightstudio said...

Baaaahhhhh, wait this post IS meant to be funny, right??

P.S. I found Wenda on Two Under TWo. Whew! Here's what she said:

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I just navigated back to Blog Baby's site and mentioned your contest. I'll even add us as your follower just to see how all this plays out.

Very, very entertaining. You don't even need to tempt me with a contest.

February 26, 2009 1:31 AM


Colleen said...

Are you my neighbor? lol

Lisa@saltandlightstudio said...

Oh and I had another visit from sweet Wenda! She came to see me at BlogBaby, this was her message:

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Oh my goodness, Blog Baby, I am more than a little afraid. The competition is pretty stiff for your headbands. I think I counted 14 comments alone from Carebear. Wow! I would end the contest now and just declare her your winner. Anyone with that much love and dedication deserves to have their efforts rewarded.


PS: I was surprised to see you use the words "whorish pink" in your comment today. Seems like pretty big words for such a darling little girl. Is that because this shade of pink is your favorite too?
February 26, 2009 2:40 AM

P.S. Wenda, isn't Whorish Pink every gals favorite nail polish color???

Meg said...

It's a tough call, but I think Ask A Dad might be my favorite part of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Score. I am printing these out.

peewee said...

I think children reflect their parents. So if YOU are a winner (like MOI) then your kids WILL BE WINNERS!...bup bup bup....one more thing...AS LONG AS YOU TELL THEM WHAT A WINNER YOU ARE, like all.the.time.

Crazee Juls said...

Oh me oh my.... I've been doing it all wrong... my kids are going to be such losers...
Ask a dad, are my kids too old now (10 & 12) for some "winner" intervention parenting???

Megan said...

You forgot the importance of rubbing it in when you win! What's the point of being the best if you can't stick your tongue out at everyone who isn't? I taught the "Nah Nah" to my kids using four key steps:

1. Spread your feet apart, knees together
2. Stick out that hiny
3. Thumbs in ears, jazz fingers
3. Let's see that tongue

Unknown said...

Hahaha! Too funny!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That was awesome. I am going to add those to my list of things I do to my children!

Becky said...

Nothing says I love you quite like some good old fashioned competition. Excellent advice.

Counselormama said...

This is so funny that even the comments are funny!

Kathy said...

I definitely think "Ask A Dad" should be a syndicated post on 3 Bay B Chicks!

He's a bit warped, but he's a guy...and he's participating on the blog...he's gotta be a winner, right?

joanofalltrades said...

I love it! My husband and I are so competitive. People have left our house many a night furious after playing us in a game. When we have kids, they are going to be competitive beasts!

*Monica said...


Nana said...

Hey I time my grandkids on everything they do. It's the only way I can get them to do anything. I should also say that if said thing is not accomplished when the timer goes off, my hand turns into a big claw and as my grandson says "she can break your throat with that thing."

I don't think we are going after the same results here.

Helene said...

Seriously, Dad needs to write a book!!! I love the Ask a Dad posts!!! They always make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great advice I will start applying all this tomorrow!!In no time my kid will be the best of the best!!:)

SE'LAH... said...

This is HILARIOUS !!! I love it.

ps. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today.