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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worthy Choice

This week’s worthy cause is one close to my heart, Donor’s Choose. It is a wonderful organization/non-profit that helps teachers fund projects or receive items for their classroom. Last year, my students were having “space issues” on our rug. I happened to see this colorful rainbow rug in a education magazine where each child was assigned a specific space/square. Perfect!

The only problem was that it was $300!! What? I logged onto Donors Choose, wrote a proposal/sob story, and, voila, I had a new rug in less than 3 months! Fabulous. In exchange for the rug, my students and I had to write thank you letters. In addition, I had to take pictures of my students using the rug with a camera they provided.

Over the past two years, Donor's Choose have provided me with a new CD player and two large white boards for my classroom. I’m often asked what is a great gift to give a teacher and really it’s a donation to a proposal on this site. I encourage you to ask your child’s teacher if they have listed a proposal, and if not, you can point them in this direction. It’s free and does not cost anything to have your proposal listed.

As a donor, you can either fund the entire project or donate a certain amount. You can also search the site by city, your school name, or by price point. The amount donated is not revealed and every donor receives a thank you letter if the entire project is funded.

Now if only they funded summer vacation getaways...

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*Monica said...

how awesome is that!!

Lori said...

This is a wonderful program! Heading over there right now :)

forever folding laundry said...

That is fantastic, Kace! Thanks for sharing this.

wendy said...

i love this.

Tulip Row said...

This is great, I have been thinking of going back to work (as a teacher), and I will definitely use this site!

Rick said...

Neat rug. They never had things like that when I was a kid. Just the hard word floors - probably had splinters too.