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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hotty in Hot Pink

I’ve known my husband a long time. 20 years to be exact. We met when I was a very young and naïve 13-year freshman in high school. It is somewhat comical now to look back on that girl. Boy, did I think I was the very epitome of cool. An endless amount of time was dedicated to my appearance, especially my clothes. I even remember what I was wearing when I first met my husband. I arrived at our geometry class decked out head to toe in clothing from the Wet Seal. To this day, he and I still joke about that outfit: a blue and white striped jean mini-skirt and a white knit sweater with a scalloped collar. I think it made my mother physically ill to buy those clothes, but given that I was starting high school, she acquiesced to my pleas and allowed me to pick out one outfit completely on my own.

Other memories from that time in my life are not quite so vivid. I remember some names, faces, and events, but most moments have simply faded away with time. Or so I thought.

Fast forward to today. My husband, Geoff, and I have been married for six years, have two children, and are leading an otherwise normal life. We don’t talk much about our history together simply because we are so caught up in the everyday chaos of kids, work, and school. Even though we may not reminisce about our time in high school, it is apparently closer to my husband's heart than I realized.

As it is Not-Me Monday, I thought I would share this tidbit with the blogging community: I did not discover that my husband is still carrying around my high school prom picture in his wallet…20 years later.

Here I am with my prom date, Marc, in all my hot pink glory: a hot pink dress, hot pink shoes, and even hot pink finger nails. Upon close inspection of the photo, I noticed that although it appears that I tried to reconcile the height difference between my date and I with the height of my hair, it did not work. It would have undoubtedly been easier if I had just worn high heels. I also realized that there must have been some sort of communication problem with Marc, as his is adorned in grey and soft pink tones, thereby violating the all-important male/female color coordination rule.

I flipped the photo over and read what I wrote on the back:

To Geoff (my best friend),
I’m really glad that I got to know you this year.
It has truly been an “experience” sitting by you in math.
We’ll have to go out soon.
Keep in touch,

P.S. “93” rules

After 20 years, Geoff and I have an untold number of photos at various stages in our life together. Most pictures were taken on days when my hair was not frozen in place with Aqua Net and you couldn’t spot me from 30 paces because of the color of my clothes. Why would he still carry around this picture?

The answer: It reminds him of our beginning; the point when our two lives first intersected. Through all of our high’s and low’s together, he likes to be able to glimpse back on where we started and realize just how far we have come.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Post, picture, story, the whole thing is just beautiful! You are very blessed my friend. :o)

(((HUGS))), Whitney

kacey said...

I love this story! It was funny and touching. :) Please do NOT post your friend's prom pictures, however. Even the ones who also married their fellow classmate and at one point prom date.

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwww...that is SO SWEET!!

Sarah VM said...

That is too cute!

Suzi said...

The prom picture and story is great. I love digging out old pics like that to look. (of course of other people instead of mysef) A friend of mine just posted pics of all of us sporting "jams," remember those? What were we thinking?!?

I love the Weekend Go Tote. What a great bag, but then again, I am a bag fanatic!

heidi said...

Oh my word, if that isn't the sweetest story!

Unknown said...

How sweet that he's carried that around for so long!!

Amy said...

That is hilarious. . .seems like I have a similar photo around here somewhere! 93 rocked! Anyway, I would like to enter the Loom contest. . .my fav. item is the pop bin! I'm all about having somewhere to dump all the toys!



eli said...

Oh My gosh! You did it!! I didn't think you would ever do it. You are bolder than I.
Love the story.

Jennifer said...

What a fun blast from the past! I can't believe he still carries that picture though!! LOL

Jo-Jo said...

Here from Mckmama's. I am so glad I came over to read what a beautiful post and a lovely marriage you have. You must be one lucky woman.

Kameron said...

I think that is so sweet that he still carries that picture with him, even if you're standing with another guy!! :o)

Alicia W. said...

My husband was my prom date 10 years ago!! That's so great that you share that memory with me as well. ;o)

Not your Happily Ever After said...

What a wonderful story. How sweet that your husband still keeps that picture tucked in his wallet.

I love the Zoom Kit. What a functional bag to have with a new baby.

Junita said...

How cute is that!

Jane Anne said...

How beautiful that your hubby keeps your HS Prom picture in his wallet. My hubby and I were HS sweethearts, too. Maybe I will pull out our prom picture and stick it in his wallet. That would sure surprise him!

Framed by Grace said...

That is too funny, considering the fact that my hubby has our prom picture beside our bed...to great beginnings!!

Liz {Learning To Juggle} said...

How sweet that he is still carrying that picture in his wallet!!

BluRayn said...

Awwww, that is too cute!! I love it when the hubbies do sweet things like that!!

Kirsty said...

That is the sweetest story!!! So cute:-)

Pemberton Family said...

This story is so cute! I am so addicted to your blog now. I loved the bandicoot bag and all the colors but I especially liked the bin I need somewhere to dump all of my son's toys!

Holly said...

Very sweet sentiment.

Laura said...

Great story, the hot pink extravaganza cracked me up and it's so sweet that he carries this photo around!

wendy said...

it was the 80's & we couldn't help ourselves.
I love this story. Love it!!