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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ask a Dad

What kind of music should my child listen to?

This is without a doubt the most important question a parent could ever ask. It’s a shame no one has asked me this question yet. Several books and journals tout the advantages of classical music for advancing your child’s brain development. Here’s the thing with that: the name of this blog is “Ask a Dad”, not “Ask a Scientist.” Who knows more about hands-on fathering, a scientist or an actual dad?

I say, if you want your child to develop an optimal amount of self-awareness, self-confidence, and a particularly aggressive form of self-reliance, nothing can help facilitate these characteristics more than gangsta rap. Yeah, I said it. 50 Cent, TI, Snoop Dog, Lil’ Wayne, etc. Boy or girl, by the time your little one is able to speak, they’ll be hatching plans to move out of their house to start their own clothing line.

They’ll learn to command respect from children much older than themselves. Their inflated egos will catapult them into leadership positions and envied social groups. They’ll gain an appreciation for monetary accumulation and precious metals. Most of all, your children will grow up at an astonishingly advanced rate.

Basically, gangsta rap music will do a lot of your parenting for you – and that’s a good thing. Peace!


Tyler H is a guest blogger and father to Emi. The Three BayBChicks have asked him to shed light on a Dad’s point of view under the stern supervision of his loving wife. If you have a question for Ask A Dad feel free to submit it in the comments section. The Three BayBChicks are not responsible for Tyler's " advice."
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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. The Twilight series is good if you like lighter reading.

Lori said...

And I thought I was doing a bad thing by convincing my kids that 80's music is really kid music. Very funny, Tyler!!

Ali said...

The baby gangsta doll is a crack-up! Love it!

forever folding laundry said...

I wonder if I should be concerned if my baby's first words are "Drop it like it's hot".....

Debbie said...

I am so sad that mine are older and out of those formative years. Where were you when I needed this advice?

wendy said...

i am going to have to get on the gangster rap - but derek might just kill me.