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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Facts

Our good friend, Keri, tagged us on her Forever Folding Laundry blog. Here is my attempt to share 7 random and/or weird facts. Because there are three of us that contribute to our blog, there are some interesting tidbits about all three of us...enjoy.

1) When Kacey and I were in junior high, she graciously gave me a critique of my handwriting. She informed me that my printing was much better than my attempt at cursive. Initially, I was horrified, but later realized it was true. It was at that time, I began printing...permanently. My grandmother and mother have beautiful, almost artful, handwriting. This ability unfortunately was not passed onto me.

2) The three of us have collectively agreed that newborns are not, shall we say, the cutest. While there are definitely exceptions to this rule, we believe that babies are much more photogenic between 3 to 6 months old and urge the world to send out more pictures of their children at this age, rather than directly after birth.

3) While living together after college, and before kids, Thuy and I "trained for a marathon". Thuy found some type of training schedule on-line, typed it up, and we proudly posted it in our kitchen. The thought was that if we looked at the schedule each and every day, we would be sure to adhere to it. The schedule required us to run five days a week, increasing our distance each week. We started out strong, truly becoming long-distance runners...which in our world was defined as anything over three miles. However, around week three or four, we began to fall off the wagon. By the beginning of week 5, fall programming had started and we thought some of our to-go menus might be better accessible if they were posted over the running schedule on the cork board. In the end, we didn't run in the marathon, but the dream is still alive.

4) I have always believed in the magic that comes alive during the Christmas season, seriously. I will never forget one Christmas Eve, when I was in junior high. I was walking downstairs and my Mom was walking into the garage. Just as casually as if she was asking me to take out the trash, she called up to me, "Francesca, can you wrap the Santa gifts?" What? Why would I need to wrap the Santa gifts? Santa should be delivering them in a few hours, shouldn't he? Then it hit me...OMG. OMG. Is my mother really saying what I think she is??? Sad, but true, this is how I learned that Santa lives in our hearts, rather than at the North Pole.

5) I love knowing people a long time. I believe that it enriches your relationship with them. One of my favorite all-time photos is of Kacey, Keri, Wendy and me at Halloween, again in junior high. (Looking back, this was apparently a very critical time in my life.) We are all smiling at the camera and look so very young. I can even tell you what we dressed up as: Wendy was a nun, Keri was a baby, and Kacey and I were matching Guess jeans symbols. It was the 80's, after all.

6) The older I get, the more trouble I have sleeping. If I had the capability, I would cut out sleep altogether a few nights a week. I love the blessed quiet that comes with the night in my house. It is the only time a day that I feel is truly mine and I can do whatever I want with it.

7) I am truly afraid of scary movies and won't watch them. This permanent change happened after I saw two very critical movies, The Lady in White and Watcher in the Woods, during, what else? JUNIOR HIGH. The Lady in White was shown on consecutive rainy days as a time-filler. (Educators today would never get away with this.) Watcher in the Woods, which is the most frightful movie Walt Disney ever made, and the Thriller video, were both shown at my first slumber party at Amanda Lane's house. I was so traumatized after Watcher in the Woods that when it came time to watch the Thriller video, I said that my parents had instructed me not to watch anything with Michael Jackson and left the room.

And there you go. 7 fun and interesting facts about Kacey, Thuy, and Fran. What's that you say? Stick to writing about your kids? You're probably right. :)

Next we are supposed to tag 7 blogs. Wow, if I only knew that many people to tag. The only blogs I can bring to the table are Good but Hard and Heartbeats and Violins. (Sorry, Susannah and Mr. Rich, but you have been tagged.) Maybe Thuy and Kacey know of other blogs that we may also tag, so that we can increase our numbers.

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, you had really good ones! When our son was born my husband said, "Wow, I just fell in love with Yoda."
I don't run. I'm more of what you call an "indoor girl." Maybe if the house was on fire. Maybe.
I vividly remember the Christmas my older sister almost spilled the beans about Santa and my Dad said through his teeth to her, "if you want to live to see your next Christmas shaddaupa-you-face." So I pretended to "not know" for another year or two. Gotta help my sister out you know.
You don't sleep? When my husband and I started dating he gently asked if I was narcoleptic because I could fall asleep anywhere at anytime. No silly, I'm a MOM. And Amen about the scary movies. I just don't need that kind of stress in my life!
Thanks for a great laugh!

Blessings, Whitney

forever folding laundry said...

This made me laugh. First, because you and Kacey quite possibly have the neatest handwriting I've ever seen. (And I can pick your handwriting out a mile away!)
Second, this is creepy, but I just found the Halloween picture of us all YESTERDAY. So funny. My hair is truly scary. We look like babies. Can you believe how long we've known each other?
Finally, I will agree with you that The Watcher in the Woods and Lady in White are two of the scariest movies ever made. What was Disney thinking??
Thanks for playing along. Loved the list.

wendy said...

so awesome!!
i totally remember that photo.
& i agree with keri your & kacey's handwriting is beautiful!