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Out on a Limb Advertising Network

Who We Are:

The Out on a Limb Advertising Network is composed of four separate blogs, including Better in Bulk, Mama’s Losin’ It, Seven Clown Circus, and Three Bay B Chicks. Each site is authored by mothers who, in between balancing the challenges of family, life, and work, possess a passion for writing and sharing experiences through blogging. Our sites attract not only Power Moms - women age 25-54 with at least one child - but also online users who vary in gender, race, age, familial status, educational background, employment status, and geographic location.

Our Mission:
By working in tandem with one another, the goal of the Out on a Limb Network is to utilize our collective web traffic to connect our readers with an equally diverse group of businesses that provide unique products and services throughout the U.S.

Our Network’s Statistics (as of May 2009):
Page Views per Month: 41,850
Unique Visitors per Month: 29,740
Subscribers through e-mails and RSS feeds: 2,700

The history of strong web traffic to each of these blogs enables our network to provide a comprehensive web advertising tool that aids businesses in building brand awareness, driving traffic, and boosting sales. These four sites have been committed to blogging and connecting with their audience for several years. Specific site launch dates include: (1) Better in Bulk: October 2007, (2) Mama’s Losin’ It: August 2007, (3) Seven Clown Circus: November 2006, and (4) Three Bay B Chicks: May 2008.

Our Rates:
Our network offers graphical ad spots to businesses interested in marketing their products or services on-line. These 125 x 125 ads (shown below) are featured on all four blogs within our network.

Out on a Limb hosts approximately 8 ad spots continually on all four blogs. If you would like to inquire as to the availability of an ad spot or the cost, please utilize the below contact form.

We look forward to understanding how our network may support your business needs.

You may also contact our network directly at outonalimbadvertising@gmail.com for further information or questions.

Additional Background:

Better in Bulk is the place where delightful posts and remarkable photographs converge. Lolli is a stay-at-home mom of five kids who uses her blog to show that it is possible to be happy and fulfilled as a mother in a house full of children. In addition, Lolli frequently offers photography tips and tutorials to her readers from her perspective as a professional photographer.

Mama Kat from Mama’s Losin’ It jokingly refers to herself as an attention craving poodle. Her site is a wonderful mixture of humor and heart. Mama Kat is also the creative mind behind the popular Writer’s Workshop, in which her readers choose from a variety of writing prompts, post on their blogs, and then link their post to Mama Kat’s site weekly.

Angie at Seven Clown Circus is a word loving, book devouring, and designer jean obsessed mama. Each week she hosts two different blog carnivals for her loyal followers, which allows them to address a particular topic and then link to her site. On Tribute Tuesdays, bloggers write a tribute highlighting other bloggers or other lives. On Wordful Wednesdays, readers showcase and describe their photographs.

The Three Bay B Chicks are comprised of three long-time friends, Kacey, Thuy, and Francesca. Each of these moms offers something different to the on-line community every week: Kacey is the resident style expert, Thuy is the queen of bargains and tips, and Francesca uses her Seinfeld-esque sense of humor to share the funny moments from her everyday life with her kids. Three Bay B Chicks was also recognized in May 2009 by Nielsen Online as a “Mom Approved” blog as part of the Power Mom 50.

All ads are subject to review and approval by Out on a Limb Advertising Network. Out on a Limb graphic designed by Jen at Swank Designs. ©2009 Three Bay B Chicks. All rights reserved.
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