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Chick Chat

Since my husband and I had kids, we no longer travel like we once did. Vacationing happens in a different way. Our destinations are usually to the Happiest Place on Earth, the zoo, or an aquarium. Leisure time is still very fun, but in an all-new Churros and Mickey Mouse ears kind of way.

This week on Chick Chat we will be hearing from vloggers from all over the world, many of whom live in countries that I still daydream about visiting. Sue from My Home Wellington joins us from New Zealand, TypO from Wandering the World lives in Egypt, Rebecca from The Misplaced Americans currently resides in Brazil, and Laura from Under the Sheets...Shhh lives in my own backyard here in San Francisco, California.

Join us today as we take a virtual trip around the world and hear what life is like for these vloggers. Remember that in order to see all of these videos, you will have to visit each blog.

For me, it will be like taking a mini-vacation without having to pack sippy cups, snacks, and DVDs. Let's go...


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