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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Those that are Fabulous

Stesha of Hot Chocolate Carmel Mocha recently passed along the Fabulous Blog Award to us. An award like this, from such a fabulous blogger, is wonderful. It made us definitely want to return to her cafe to read everything she has to say again, and again, and again.

The Rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that you think are fabulous.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

So what makes a blog fabulous? Is it the number of followers or how many hits the site receives? The answer is no.

In our world, what makes a blog fabulous is its ability to evoke some sort of emotion. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think, tell us a story, entertain us. That is what these blogs do...

1. Suburb Sanity: To say that Debbie of Suburb Sanity is funny does not do her justice. The woman is HI.LAR.IOUS. Her recent post on exercising had us in tears. (Are you looking at the photo of the yoga ball holder?) Debbie also takes an unique approach to memes and tags, which you know is something we adore.

2. Pulsipher Predilections: The great commenter, known as Kristina P., is everywhere you want to be on the internet. Her ability to visit thousands of blogs a day is amazing. However, Kristina P. is much more than simply a cyber-BFF to the masses. She is also incredibly goal-oriented and a giver.

3. Hello World It's Me: There is so much fabulousness to read from bloggers outside of the U.S. Nadine is the perfect example. She is a Dutch, working Mom, who writes better than most Americans we know.

4. I Need a Martini Mom: When Vodka Mom reads that we passed along an award to her, her response will probably be something along the lines of "WTF? I don't give a rat's ass about these things." However, we'll still love her anyway.

5. The Doan Gang: It can sometimes be difficult to read a blog that is primarily about one family's day-to-day life. Without a personal connection to the blogger, photos and antedotes are simply lost on the reader. However, Misty's fabulousness comes from being easy to relate to and always oh-so-fashionable.

6. Follow Our Journey: Cindy is a Mom to triplets. From what we understand, that means that she had and is raising three children, all the same age, all at the same time. If you take a moment to log onto her site, be sure to read her profile. I have read it at least a dozen times and it still makes me smile every time.

7. Too Much Information: We heart Tara for this post. What is not to love about a fellow child of the 80's? And the fact that she has been "bringing raisin' the roof back for years" makes her that much more fabulous.

8. Ummmm: Log onto this site. Please. You don't even have to read a single post. Just be awed by the brilliance that is PeeWee's sidebars.

9. Folky Musin's: I don't remember how we came across Deb's blog, but the best way to describe her is that she is a writer. Her approach to blogging is witty, funny, and always original.

10. The Misplaced Americans: Tales of an American Mom, her husband, and her three boys living in Brazil. She is a super hero who broadens our world.

Wow...10 blogs is a long list. Remind me to return the favor sometime, Stesha.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is fabulous! You totally deserve the award!

love said...

Love your musings and congratulations. Lovely.

Kristina P. said...

Thank you my bloggy friend! I read almost all of these blogs. You have excellent taste and are well deserving of this award.

Debbie said...

I am fairly sure I am blushing over here. It's either that or another hot flash.
Thank you for thinking of me and saying such sweet things. You know I love your blog and think you deserve every award out there.
And how does Kristina make the rounds like she does? She must not sleep.

That Girl said...

Well, shoot. I didn't prepare a speech or anything! Is this a good reason to buy a fancy dress?

Vodka Mom said...

WTF? I don't give a rat's ass about these things.

Vodka Mom said...


I am speechless. I am BLUSHING right now, and am truly thankful. I love you bitches.

Hccm said...

I love Vodka Mom. She reminds me of myself, minus the vodka.

Deb said...

Thanks for listing me! I don't know how you found my blog, either, but I love that you did...congrats on your award, very well-deserved!


Unknown said...

Congrats on the award!

Kelsey said...

Congrats on the award!

Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. All of your kids are darling! I think it's wonderful that 3 friends have a blog together, I'd do one too if my friends didn't think I was nuts for writing all the time!

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.

joanofalltrades said...

Congrats on another award! Stesha is so good at giving bloggy love isn't she?

Tara Bennett said...

I am totally raisin' the roof for my award! Can I get a 'wha wha'??? Thanks ladies!

If there were an award for fabulous comments, Francesca would be in the running for sure.

I heart you chicks too. XO

Mikki said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I loved your comment!
I love all those movies you mentioned! My mom was a big Doris Day fan - we loved With Six You Get Egg Roll - Please Don't Eat the Daisies and Pajama Game!
They just don't make movies like that anymore..

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got an award from Stesha! She's like the blog guru! Props!

Tulip Row said...

Wow 10 blogs was a lot! They were some pretty good ones too! I checked out about half and really liked them!

Melissa said...

You ARE fabulous!! I'll have to check out those blogs!

Maude Lynn said...

Congratulations on the award!

rachel said...

Congrats on this award! I'm going to have to check all these blogs out.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on your awards! Your blog is awesome!!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog..I just love visitors!!

Your little girl is absolutely adorable Francesca and your boy is a prince! Gorgeous kids!!

Sabrina said...

Kristina P is awesome isn't she! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog... and for leaving a nice birthday greeting.
P.S. I'm so bringing embroidered dresses back!

Helene said...

Congratulations on your award! Very much deserved!!

Nana said...

Loved everyone of those blogs, including yours. Some really great and funny stuff!!!! Tara from TMI is my DIL and yes she has trully been trying to get us to "raise the roof" ever since I met her.


I have read some of your posts and would like to revisit.

If you like reading short stories from an Indian writer, then a visit to my blogs would be an interesting one for you.

Naval Langa
Another Interesting Blog

Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you... You are too kind.

Hopefully this little bit of love will help propel me back into the blogosphere after many sleepless testosterone infused nights.

Thanks again for the love!

Jillene said...

Congrats on the award!!

peewee said...

You like me! You really really like me!

I knew I was born for awards! For real, this is my first...and not just for blogging!!! THANKS! AM for real honored! I mean, even if it IS just for my pictures...

Cindy said...

YOU are fabulous! Congrats on the award and, aw shucks, thanks for mine!!! :) I am looking forward to checking out the other ones too! :)

Nadine said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am really honored you picked my little blog and said such cool things about it. Thanks!!!

Nadine said...

Francesca, thank you so much. I FINALLY got the award on my weblog. Sorry it took me so long!