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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do Some Good

This week’s I came across an awesome website called Network for Good. It’s like Google, but for charity organizations. You can search for charities by cause, keyword, or areas of interest. If you sign up as a user and donate through this website, it will keep track of all of your donations. Come tax time you can log on and find all of your information, making your taxes much easier to file. Hooray! Have a charity close to your heart? You can create a charity badge, which allows you to send information to your friends and help gather donations. No money, but still want to give? Give some of your time to a local charity. Volunteer opportunities can also be found by keyword, areas of interest, or location. I just realized this is starting to sound very much like an infomercial. Sorry, but it's late and I'm very sleepy. Please bear with me... Finally, if you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, Network for Good also offers Good Cards, which work much like a gift card. The recipient will be able to choose their own charity and make a donation in their name.

Act now! Operators are standing by. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

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Unknown said...

Today is Georgie's birthday please go wish her a happy one!


wendy said...

kacey look at all that goodness.
thanks for finding these things!

Carol said...

That sounds like an awesome service. On my way to learn more.