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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things to Register For: Part 2

  1. Highchair: Although you won't need a highchair for a bit of time, we thought we would add it to our list. Francesca has the Peg Perego Prima Pappa. It is completely collapsible, which is great for storage, and the tray is dishwasher safe.
  2. Infant Bathtub: Bath seats are fun and make bathing your baby so much easier. Francesca originally did not think that she needed one, but was wrong. For her son, they bought a slanted chair that fits in the bath. Bad idea. Way too easy for the baby to slide off. For her daughter, they received a bath seat that you can manipulate as your baby grows. If you have a smaller space in which to bathe your baby, Kacey recommends the Spa Baby Bathtub. It is an European style bathtub that lets your baby bathe in an upright position. Tip: When giving your baby a bath, have two washcloths available. Use one on your baby's belly to keep them warm and the other as an actual washcloth.
  3. Hooded towels/washcloths: The quality of linens matter. Cheap linens do not stand up to repeated laundry cycles and can become rough against your baby's skin. The hooded towels and washcloths from Pottery Barn Kids are good quality. Some even come in fun animal shapes, which are great for pictures. Thuy recommends the towels from Barefoot Dreams. They are the softest towels ever...the Giraffe blanket of bath towels! Once you get one for your baby, you'll want one for yourself too.
  4. Burpcloths: Burpcloths come in a variety of trendy patterns, but Thuy swears by a big pack of Gerber cloth diapers. They are great as burp cloths or for just wiping up any baby-related mishaps. (Trust us, there will be many to clean up!) For more fashionable burpcloths, Mod Dots and Bebe Au Lait are fun choices.
  5. Crib mattress/Crib Pads: Francesca bought her crib mattress and crib pads at Babies R Us. Both have worked fine.
  6. Bedding: Francesca recommends buying two sets of bedding. When you look at the same crib sheets and bumper endlessly, it becomes a bit monotonous. Francesca recommends buying your bumper at Pottery Barn Kids. Her husband bought their first bumper at Babies R Us. The padding was virtually non-existent. The product also ended up being more of a hazard, than help.
  7. Changing Table Pad and Sheets: For her first, Francesca used a flat changing pad with almost no padding. It worked OK, but the plastic "stuck" to the baby's skin occasionally and was not so pleasant. For her second, Francesca bought a curved changing pad and velor sheets. Much more enjoyable for all.
  8. Travel Bed: The Graco Pack 'N Play is a good alternative for when you are away from home. As infants, the Moses Basket is also useful. It is super lightweight and easy to leave in the car when not in use.
  9. Baby Monitor: Baby monitors are useful, especially for your husbands. Your man can take the monitor with them outside in the yard or in the garage, and still be responsible for watching the baby. Thuy recommends using a video monitor. It is a great way to check on your baby without having to creep into the nursery and particularly handy when sleep training. Also, given the number of visitors who inevitably come by while the baby is asleep, the video monitor can provide a glimpse of the baby from afar.
  10. Safety Gates: Baby proofing your house is somewhat cumbersome and can lead to ugly decorating choices. Francesca's husband found wooden safety gates that helped make the transition more bearable.
  11. Storage Baskets or Bins: The number of storage containers that you need increases exponentially with kids. The storage baskets from Pottery Barn are especially helpful in storing diapers, small toys, and baby care products. Thuy also recommends a shoe organizer that hangs behind a door. It can hold eveything from nail clippers, to nasal aspirator, to socks. A very handy product as it is clear and you can see everything.
  12. Toy Bin or Chest: Ikea has been a great source for Francesca when looking for storage containers. In particular, she purchased a number of boxes that fit under the crib and toddler bed.
  13. Books: Reading will be a wonderful time that you share with your kids. Have lots of books on-hand. Stay away from "commodity books" if you can, e.g., Thomas the Train, Dora, etc. Good children's literature is a great way to bond with your little girl or boy.
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